Project title
Yamagawa Geothermal Power Plant Project

Kyushu Electric Power Co.,Inc.
Kyushu Geothermal Company,Inc.(Kyushu GC)

Project Description
Location:Kagoshima, Japan
Source of Financing: Kyushu GC and Kyushu EPC

Kyushu EPC started operation of Yamagawa geothermal power plant on March 1995 being supplied steam by Kyushu GC.

Outline of The Services
West JEC rendered the engineering services for steam transmission, civil, architectural, electric and mechanical,and environmental portions of this power plant.

The services provided are:
planing, supervision and evaluation of survey and exploration
evaluation of production and reinjection wells
planning, design, tender specifications and supervision for gathering and transmission system
planning, design, tender specifications and supervision of electric and mechanical equipment, powerhouse and appurtenant buildings and other civil structure
assistance in commissioning
environmental assessment
construction supervision and commissioning

Service Period
From 1986 to 1994 Total Man-months: 100

Project Outline
capacity: 30 MW~ 1 Unit
production wells: 11 wells(depth:1500-2100m)
reinjection wells: 5 wells(depth:800-1300m)
control: remote controlled from Sendai Power Station about 80km away

Overseas Turkey Kamchatka Philippines Guatemala Costa Rica

Japan Beppu Hatchobru Aso Kirishima Yamagawa
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