Project title
Kamchatka Integrated Power Generation and Heating Plant Feasibility Study

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development,Russia

Project Description
The Russian government has been conducting studies and drilling works at the Mutnovsky geothermal area. The stored enegy in this field could alleviate the need of importing fossil fuels for power generation and for heating purposes. The Russian government applied and was granted technical and financial assistance from the ERBD for studying the feasibility of using geothermal resources in this area.

Outline of The Services
Collection, analysis, verification and confirmation of data and information
Evaluation of the geothermal field
Plan for the steam transportation system
Process design of combined power plant
Process design, power and heating plants and hot water pipeline
Costs estimates
Economical analysis
Financial analysis
Environmental aspects

Source of financing: EBRD fund
Service period: June 1995-December 1995

Overseas Turkey Kamchatka Philippines Guatemala Costa Rica

Japan Beppu Hatchobru Aso Kirishima Yamagawa

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