Project title
Geophysical Survey for Shiratori Geothermal Power Project

Kyushu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

Project Description
Geophysical survey in a geothermal field to be developed for generation
Kyushu EPC plans to develop geothermal power generation at Shiratori, Miyazaki Pref. Japan. To confirm availability of geothermal resources (reservoir), it entrusted West JEC to carry out the overall geophysical survey at the prospective site.

Outline of The Services
Gravity, CSAMT, Magnetoteluric and Mise-a-la-masse servey
The geophysical survey West JEC provided are;

To grasp underground density structure by gravity survey(8 km2, 220 points and 200-500m interval)and to estimate the gravity lineament by underground density distribution;
To grasp underground resistivity structure by a CSAMT (Controlled Source Audio-frequency Magnetotellurics)survey (4 km2, 128 points,and 200 m interval)and a Magnetotelluric (MT) survey (7 km2, 30 points and about 500 m interval)and to estimate fault distribution and hotwater and alternation distribution;
To estimate direction of geothermal fluid and reservoir distribution by Mise-a-la-masse survey (5 km2, 270 points and about 200 m interval),
To make overall evaluation of the survey results above and to select the most promising development area.

Service Period
From January 1993

Overseas Turkey Kamchatka Philippines Guatemala Costa Rica

Japan Beppu Hatchobru Aso Kirishima Yamagawa
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