Project title
Pre-feasibility Study of the Zunil II Geothermal Area

Instituto Nacional de Electrificacion(INDE),Guatemala

Project Description
Project was aimed to the the determination of the preliminaly feasibility of the geothermal resource in the Zunil area.
The study was divided into 3 stages:
1) regional studies (100 km2),
2) selection of the most promising zone, and
3) detailed studies and selection of drilling sites and targets.

Finamce:IDB( No.739/FS-GU )

Outline of The Services
The Project was carried out by WEST JEC in association with TELECTRO S.A, local consultant in Guatemala.

First Stage

Regional studies
including geostructural studies, geophisical studies, and geochemical studies. The first stage concluded with the selection of the most promising area within the Zunil-II area.

Second Stage

Drilling of the three shallow exploratory wells

Third Stage

Detailed studies in the selected promising area and prepapation of the Pre-Feasibility report.

Service period: From April 1988 to june 1992

Overseas Turkey Kamchatka Philippines Guatemala Costa Rica

Japan Beppu Hatchobru Aso Kirishima Yamagawa
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