Project title
Aso Kanko Hotel Geothermal Hotwater Utilization Project

Aso Kanko Hotel Corp.

Project Description
Geothermal hotwater utilization for air conditioning of a hotel:

Aso-kanko Hotel is a hot spa resort hotel located in Aso National Park. It planned to utilize surplus hotwater from a hot spring well for house air conditioning in order to save the energy cost.

Outline of The Services
Planning, basic design, supervision and O&M guidance of the facilities:

The consulting services included are:

site survey and investigation;
planning, basic design and detailed design of hot spring water utilization system;
planning, design and supervision of repair of water leakage inside the well;
planning, design and construction supervision of modification of existing hotwater supply system and of new installation of air conditioning equipment; and
guidance on operation and maintenance of the system.

Service Period
From 1982 to 1983

Project Outline
A hot spring well of 3"x 500 m produces 2.5 t/h of 130 heated steam at 2.5 kg/cm2 and the steam is use for air conditioning of the hotel rooms, 115,600 kcal/h for heating and 99,000 kcal/h for cooling equivalent to heavy oil consumption of 380,000 klit./h.The project involved are

repair of well head equipment;
installation of steam transfer pipes,heating /cooling equipment,heat exchanger and hotwater supply pipes;and
modification of existing indoor pipings

Overseas Turkey Kamchatka Philippines Guatemala Costa Rica

Japan Beppu Hatchobru Aso Kirishima Yamagawa
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