Satellite image
Survey of geothermal natural features
Satellite image and aero-photo analysis
Core and cuttings analysis
Design of geological structure models

Measurement and analysis of gravity changes for monitoring reservoir mass variations
Magnetotelluric ( MT ) survey
Controlled source audio-frequency magnetotelluric ( CSAMT ) surveys
Design of geophysical structure models (2-D, 3-D Modelling)

Density changes obtained two-dimensional modeling
Soil and soil-air surveys (Mercury, Carbon Dioxide, and Carbon-13,etc.)
Sampling including chemical and isotopic analyses of geothermal fluids from geothermal wells and surface features
Geochemical interpretation addressed to disclose the origin, subsurface temperature, chemical characteristics, fluid behaviour, etc. of geothermal fluids
Construction of geochemical models, including mixing features and flow patterns
Prediction of scale deposition and corrosion from chemical studies of geothermal fluids

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