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Assignment Name :
Ulubelu Geothermal Power Plant Project Units 12i2~55MW)

Country :Indonesia

Client :PTDPLNiPerseroj

Service Period : March 2007 to February 2014

Narrative Description of Project :
The objective of the Project is to contribute to improving power balance in the South Sumatra NetworkCparticularly Lampung system, by adding on 2 units of 55MW class geothermal power plant in Ulubelu with financial assistance of Japan Bank for International CooperationiJBICjODA Loan.Associated 150kV transmission systemiPi-connection to existing 150kV transmission line between Batutegi hydropower station and Pagelaran substation) and rural electrincation with 20kV distribution system are also included in the Project.

The Project site is located south east of Ulubelu, Lampung province, South Sumatra, approximately 106km away from Panjang Port.

Description of Actual ServicesF

  • Study and Review of PERTAMINA's Geothermal Resource Study
  • Assistance in Pre-Qualincation of Bidders
  • Preparation of bid documents
  • Assistance in bid evaluation and conract negotiation
  • Check and review of manufacture's design and drawings
  • Supervision and coordination during manufacturing of equipment and materials
  • Construction supervision and management
  • Assistance in testing and commissioning
  • Recommendation and initiation of issuance of provisioml and final acceptance
  • Post construction services
  • Transfer of knowledge and trahmng of PLN's personnlel
  • Environmental monitoring
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