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Project Name:
Feasibility Study on Kizldere Geothermal Power Plant Rehabilitation and Expansion Project

Country: Turkey

Client: Turkish Electricity Production Company (EUAS)

Financial source: Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)

Service Period: August 2000 to January 2001


The Kizldere geothermal power plant has been forced to limit the power generation due to clogging of production wells by scaling. Also, the plant has been suffered from environmental problem and insufficiency of geothermal resource because the brine and waste hot water has NOT been re-injected into the ground, which caused drop of productivity of the reservoir. Accordingly, under grant of JETRO, WEST JEC carried out survey of the Kizldere Geothermal Power Plant, and prepared the draft master plan for Rehabilitation and Expansion of the Plant.


  • Site survey and investigation of plant facilities
  • Preparation of the draft master plan for the rehabilitation and expansion projects
  • Preparation of a feasibility study report and Implementation Program (IP)
  • Study on reduction of greenhouse gas effect as a result of implementation of the project Estimated CO2 reduction (t-CO2/year) ; 169,859 [t-CO2/year]


@Capacity (gross) @17.8 MW
@Manufacturer @ANSALDO, Italy
@Type @Single cylinder, double flow, condensing
@Steam Pressure @0.6 MPa abs.
@Condenser type @Direct contact
@GeneratorManufacturer @ANSALDO, Italy
@Capacity @20.59 MVA
@Voltage @10.5 kV
@Frequency @50 Hz
@Non-condensable Gas Compressor
@Type @Turbine rotor direct coupled type; 2.4 MW
@Gas content design value @13 wt%
@Cooling TowerType @Induced draft, counter flow, concrete structure, 3 cells


Kizldere Geothermal Power Plant


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