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Project Name :
Rural Electrification Project (Scattered Diesel Component and Technical Assistance Component of Mini Hydro)

Country: Indonesia


Financial Source: Overseas Economic Cooperation Fund (OECF), Japan

Service Period: August 1995 to November 1996

Narrative Description of Project :

PT. PLN (PERSERO), an agency of the Government, is planning to carry out the Rural Electrification Project composed of Scattered Diesel Component and Technical Assistance Component for Mini Hydro with financial assistance of the Overseas Economic Cooperation Fund (OECF), Japan.


Scattered Diesel Component

  • Location of Scattered Diesel Component:Tanjung Pandan (2 x 2.5 MW); Amuntai (2 x 2.5 MW); Kendari (2 x 2.5 MW)
  • Assist PLN in checking and approval of contractor's drawings, specifications and technical calculations.
  • Attendance of workshop test of major equipment
  • Assist PLN in regular review of manufacturing schedule and delivery schedules of equipment and material submitted by the contractors and suppliers.
  • Supervision of works carried out by contractor at site
  • Assist PLN in coordinating the works so that it may match the existing system
  • Advise PLN on commissioning

Technical Assistance Component for Mini Hydro

  • Review the system and methodology of potentiality study and project preparation for Mini Hydro Power Plant in following aspects.
  • Identify problem and provide recommendations on above points.
  • Collect data and review the existing pre-F/S and F/S and or detailed Design in order for PLN to be enabled to prepare the priority list.
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