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Project Name:
Calaca Coal-fired Thermal Power Plant No.1 Unit Upgrading Project (F/S)

Country: Philippines

Client: National Power Corporation (NAPOCOR)

Financial source: Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA)

Service Period: February 1987 to December 1987


This power unit was commissioned in September 1984 as the first large-scale coal-fired thermal power plant with a capacity of 300 MW. However, because the quality of domestics Semirara coal is inferior to the design value of the boiler and other coal handling facilities, coal clogging with coal handling equipment, slagging and fouling in the boiler furnace, etc. make it impossible for the plant to operate with a high reliability.

Under the circumstances, the government of the Philippines requested the technical cooperation for upgrading of the plant facilities and survey of the domestic coal mines from the government Japan.

The objective of the survey is to formulate recommend an upgrading plan upon studying the improvement items of boiler and coal handling equipment as well as economic viability. Recommendations on quality improvement of the domestic coal and production increase plant were also included.

2. SERVICE provided by WEST JEC

The main items of feasibility studies under the project are listed below;

  1. General conditions of present operation and maintenance.
  2. Detailed study of boiler and coal / ash handling facilities
  3. Boiler combustion management
  4. Carrying out boiler combustion test using several kinds of coal
  5. Coal analysis and evaluation
  6. Recommendation on optimum coal blending ratio of domestic and imported coals
  7. Survey of coal mines to form an improvement plan of coal quality by washing and an production increase plan

The project objective is to increase consumption of domestic coal with a low calorific value, high clay content and high cost as against the imported coal with high quality and low cost. This contradicting proposition made it difficult to formulate an optimum upgrading plan. And several alternatives were studied technically and economically.


@Capacity(gross) 300 MW
@Steam Conditions 169 kg/cm2 g, 538oC
@Fuel Coal (imported 40 %, domestic 60 %)
@Boiler Outdoor
@Type Tandem Compound, Multiple Flow, Condensing, Reheat Type
@Capacity 300 MW
@Type 3phases, horizontal shaft, direct hydrogen-cooled
@Capacity 355 MVA

Calaca Thermal Power Plant



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