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Assignment Name:
Dieng Geothermal Power Plant Project
Country: Indonesia

Client: Perusahaan Umum Listrik Negara (PLN)

Service Period: January 1985 to August 1994

Narrative Description of Project:
The Project includes development of 2 x 55 MW geothermal power plant with associated transmission system in Dieng Plateau, Central Java where PERTAMINA has been developing the geothermal resource for years. The project, obtained financial assistance from ADB (No. 674-IND), is aimed at development of oil alternative energy source, coping with growing energy demand and strengthening the electric power system in the region.

Description of Actual Services:
The services started with the geothermal resource survey to confirm the availability of geothermal reservoir suitable for power generation in addition to the technology transfer in this field. After having confirmed the viability of the geothermal resource, the consultant entered into the engineering feasibility for construction of 2 x 55 MW geothermal power plant and associated transmission system. The feasibility study included field investigation, determination of size, location and mode of power generation system, study on environmental impact, economic and financial feasibility and technology transfer. Upon confirmation of the feasibility of the project, the consultant proceeded to engineering design of the project including project scheduling, preparation of the design report and detailed specifications for tendering.


@Production Wells: @25 Wells
@Steam Transmission System: @To be provided by PERTAMINA
@Reinjection Wells: @2 Wells, To be Provided by PERTAMINA
@Generating System: @Single Flash System
@Steam Turbine Generator: @2 x 55,000 kW
@Pressure and Temperature at MSV: @6ata, 158oC
@Exhaust Pressure: @0.13 - 0.15 ata
@Cooling Tower: @Mechanical, Induced Draft, Cross Flow Type
@Transmission Line: @150 kV x 2cct x 12 km


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